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7 Benefits of Walking

7 Benefits of Walking

With the advent of the digital era, millennials, along with other generations, have started to take health seriously. The easy accessibility of a wide range of information, including diets, exercise plans for heart care, and much more, has motivated people towards fitness globally.

When it comes to exercising, walking has become the go-to option for most people looking to lose weight or start their journey towards cardio care. It is difficult for many to get into hardcore workouts directly; therefore walking becomes a great starting option for people who want to embark upon the journey of fitness.

Walking is also great for elderly people who want to maintain their fitness and strengthen their immune system. Everyone recommends walking 45 minutes a day after dinner to boost metabolism; it is an unsaid rule.

So, to motivate you further, here is a detailed guide on 7 benefits of walking that can help you with heart care, cardio care, and your overall health

7 Benefits of Walking:

Walking is simple, and people can do it any time of the day. While many question its significance, various studies prove its innumerable benefits. Creating a schedule and walking daily does yield good results and benefits for your health.

Many people reverse their medical health condition just by walking and making dietary changes. Here we list 7 benefits of walking out of the many that people are unaware of:

1. Increase Energy Levels:

Walking improves blood flow and oxygen levels in the body. This blood flow reaches your muscles in the legs and in your brain. This sudden boost is what makes you feel energised.

Walking is also known to increase a protein in your brain, i.e. “brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF)” which is responsible for important functions like thinking, analysing, learning, memorising, and conducting other functions.

2. Helps in Burning Calories and Losing Weight:

When you walk, it increases your heart rate and blood circulation, which helps in burning calories. This, of course, depends on your speed of walking, walking on a flat surface, slope, weight, etc.

Regular walking improves your body’s response to insulin. This can help in reducing belly fat. To ensure that walking is beneficial, plan a route where there are various terrains such as a flat road, walking up a slope/hill, etc. This will ensure you walk at both slow and fast pace. 

3. No Stiffness, Ease of Pain in Joints & Strengthens Body Muscles:

When you walk daily, your muscles get warmed up. This makes your body lose its stiffness and it strengthens your muscles. Also, walking regularly increases a chemical in your brain called neurotransmitters, improving your nervous system and alleviating any pain in the body.

However, please consult a doctor before taking a brisk walk for pain reduction if you have extreme joint pain.

4. Boosts Immunity:

Walking does a lot for your body and immunity. Performing this exercise on a regular basis increases the white blood cells production and circulation in the body. WBCs can protect you from getting a cold, flu, respiratory tract infections and other diseases.

Having a strong immunity keeps you energised to perform other exercises better, thus helping you get healthier with time.

5. Improves Your Mood & Reduces Stress:

Walking is an exercise, but it can help you feel relaxed. Yes, you read that right. While you walk, the level of natural stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline reduces. So, you end up feeling happy, relaxed and raring to go for another round. 

According to a study, a 30-minute walk performed three days a week or more has good power to lift the spirits of people who are struggling with depressive disorders. There are several mental benefits of walking; the power of walking can help people fight depression, anxiety, and several other conditions.

6. Good for Your Heart Health:

Walking works on your heart health. It improves blood circulation, lowers your blood pressure, and in this process, strengthens your heart health. A healthy heart reduces the risk of a stroke and also keeps heart diseases at bay.

A healthy heart is what anyone needs to improve their chances of a healthy lifestyle. Hence, walk fast, walk regularly, improve cardio care and make your heart stronger.

7. Improves Bone Health and Balance:

As people start ageing, their bones start getting weaker, as a result of which, they start to lose balance. Walking every day for 45 minutes is a safe exercise for people, and it builds lower body strength. It slows down the loss of bone mass, thus improving balance and ensuring healthy bones.


Walking is not just an exercise that you opt to lose weight. While we have listed 7 benefits of walking, it can do a lot more for your body if you are consistent. Walking at a brisk pace for an elongated duration will improve your lifestyle.

You will get fitter and there’ll be an improvement in your heart and brain health. Studies recommend walking 45 minutes a day will improve your health span and reduce your risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases.