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Are Hot Water Baths Equal To Exercises?



Are Hot Water Baths Equal To Exercises?

Exercise helps a person to keep fit and healthy. Exercising at least 30 - 45 minutes per day can boost you up and help your body stay fit. But, sometimes exercise is the last thing we would prefer. We feel sluggish. We want to keep resting. Well, did you know!! Taking a hot water bath is equal to exercising. It can burn calories as exercise does.


Getting your body hot and sweaty from exercises improves your health and gets you better sleep. The effect of a hot water bath on metabolic fitness plays the most. Taking a hot water bath gets you a feeling of comfort, which relaxes the body and mind.


Have you at any time heard about a thing called ‘passive heating’? 


Passive heating is soaking oneself in a hot water tub. We provide you with some health benefits to see that a hot water bath equals exercise.

Burns calories

Researches show that the people who had passive heating for a long one hour burned about 140 calories. It is like a person taking 30 minutes of a brisk walk.

Lowers Type 2 diabetes

Taking a warm and relaxing water bath can do much to your body. It has good mind-healing benefits. It helps lower sugar levels with the help of heat shock proteins in the body. You may ponder what these heat shock proteins are? Well, these are the molecules made by all the cells in the human body when a person is under stress. Their levels rise when the body exercises or is prone to passive heating or steam bath. Raised levels of proteins in the body help the proper functioning of insulin, thereby improving blood sugars.

Lowers blood pressure

Regular and relaxing passive heating or heat baths can even reduce the blood pressure in people, making them calm and relaxed. Passive heating reduces blood pressure by increasing nitric oxide levels in the body. The chances of developing heart diseases can be reduced by low blood pressure.

Reduced chances of heart attack

Researches also show that, in men, the risk of getting stroke and heart attack is reduced by repeated steam baths and passive heating. It improves the cardiovascular system's functioning.

Fights chronic inflammation

A hot water bath also reduces chronic inflammation, which could be seen in diseases like type 2 diabetes. Exercise can protect the body from inflammation which causes infections and illness. But, as hot water baths are equal to exercises, repeated passive heating of the body fights chronic inflammation and controls the diseases.

Relieves muscle pain

The heat keeps your blood moving which is very good for blood circulation and can also help to relax sore and tight muscles. Adding Epsom salts during a hot water bath reduces the inflammation in joints caused by arthritis or any other muscular disease.

Eliminates neck and shoulder pain

A warm water bath relaxes the tissues of the neck and shoulder as the exercise does to your body. It eases the muscles to relax and eliminate pain.

Helps losing weight

If you are among the ones trying to lose weight through exercises and are tired of doing so, try soaking yourself in hot water. Studies show that dousing yourself in hot water for 20-30 minutes six days per week reduces a person’s weight.


Bathing in hot water increases the body’s temperature, which matches the intensity of running on a treadmill. An increase can even compare the rise in body temperature to exercising.

Although hot water baths are equal to exercises, exercising is also essential to keep yourself fit and healthy. Taking a hot massage or hot bath is good for you but is not another excuse not to exercise. Keeping yourself regularly active is one of the best things to keep your mind, body, and soul healthy. Relax with that soak after exercising. It can be the best thing.


The health benefits of exercise include:

  • Weight Maintenance 
  • Lowers blood sugar levels
  • Controls blood pressure
  • Strengthens bones
  • Treats depression
  • Helps brain functioning
  • Prevents heart attack
  • Improves quality of sleep 
  • Longer life


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