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Are you stressed? What to do when you are stressed?

Worry, fear, anger, and sadness are all normal, healthy emotions unless they impair your capacity to accomplish the tasks you desire or need to complete. Numerous management approaches exist to assist you in coping with emotional stress. Are you stressed? What to do when you are stressed?


If you've exhausted all possible cures and continue to feel overwhelmed or stuck, get assistance from a counselor or mental health professional.


Stress often makes people act differently from what their nature is. People who want to help are also often repulsed by the change in the heart of the affected. In situations like these, the person under stress and the individuals offering help should broaden their accepting paradigm and work together to attain stability.

How is emotional stress defined?

Stress is a natural response to the daily strains of life. Worry, fear, rage, grief, and various other emotions are all normal emotional reactions. They are all necessary components of existence. However, if the tension that lurks beneath these feelings becomes a hindrance to your capacity to do the actions you want just to do, this anxiety has become hazardous.

What are the symptoms and warning signs of emotional stress?

Emotional stress can manifest itself in various ways, including physical, mental, and behavioral symptoms.

  • One can feel tired, exhausted, and bored all the time.
  • Loss of appetite
  • Uncoordinated thoughts

How can I improve my ability to deal with emotional stress?

Numerous ways can be used to assist you in managing your emotional stress more effectively. 

For example:  Consult a Doctor through Assurance and discuss your causes of stress. Or you can consider some or all of the following options:

Allow yourself some time to unwind:

Take some time for self-care. Even if you can only commit five to fifteen minutes to relaxation a few occasions a day, pause reality. What activity allows you to unwind? Several suggestions include the following:

  • Pick up a book and read it.
  • On either computer or smartphone, plugin and listen to a "calm" app (natural sounds, rain).
  • Go for a walk. Yoga is beneficial.
  • Enjoy music by listening to it, singing along with it, or dancing to it.
  • Take a relaxing bath.
  • Close your eyes and sit in stillness.
  • Light a fragrant candle.

Develop mindfulness:

Mindfulness is the skill of focusing one's attention and becoming more aware. You can develop an awareness of the physical changes in your body in response to changing emotions. Understanding this mind-body link is the first step toward improving your stress management and gaining a greater understanding of how individuals experience your body. Additionally, mindfulness can assist you in focusing your mind on the present moment - everything can I do to restore my body and brain to a state of calm? If you can identify what makes you feel more relaxed and calm in that time, you've identified one amongst your stress factors and a strategy for managing it.

Deflect attention in your mind and redirect your attention to something else:

Concentrate your attention on something besides a source of your worry. Make it enjoyable. Consider watching a humorous film, playing a game, or engaging in a beloved recreational activity (paint, draw, take pictures of nature, play with your pet). Volunteer for a cause that benefits others. Take part in an activity with individuals you enjoy.

Consider journaling:

Journaling is the process of recording one’s thoughts and emotions to better understand them. It is a technique that encourages one to slow down, pay attention, and reflect on the events in your life – as well as own feelings and reactions to them. Because journaling can expose your most private thoughts, it can also show your emotional stress causes. You can recognize and then substitute unpleasant feelings with more healthy behaviors. Journaling is a beneficial and healthy technique to deal with your emotions. When you address your feelings, you can begin the process of healing or change.


Meditation is another technique for consciously redirecting your thoughts. By focusing on pleasant ideas or warm, comfortable memories, you can control your emotions and alleviate emotional stress.

When should one seek counseling for emotional distress?

If you are experiencing any of the characteristics of psychological pain and have attempted one or both of the cures discussed in this report and are still experiencing discomfort, get professional assistance. If you're feeling overwhelmed and unable to handle your emotional distress on your own, get professional help. Avoid being "frozen" or as if you're retaining your breath, waiting for your sensations to pass. If you find yourself in a rut and are unable to break out, seek professional assistance.


Psychologists and mental health professionals are skilled specialists that can assist you in coping with emotional stress, reducing its effects, feeling better, and becoming more productive in your daily activities. 

Are you wondering how Assurance can help?

You are not all, and Assurance is here for you! There is so much that we can do for you. For example, we can find the right therapist for you and see that you get screened, reach an accurate diagnosis, and start receiving prompt treatments. We also buddy you up with a health coach for continued motivation.

How can Assurance help me?

Assurance by NanoHealth provides Disease Management Programs, including PCOD care, infertility, Heart care, etc.


Why us? Our AI-driven initiative helps timely identification, diagnosis, and treatment by pairing you with the proper care providers. 

  • Our disease care management programs include: 
  • Regular interactions with your health coach for treatment adherence. 
  • Periodic doctor consultations to ensure effective treatment. 
  • Routine blood tests to track the progress and improvements.

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