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Common Cancer Myths and Misconceptions

Common Cancer Myths and Misconceptions

Cancer has been present around since the start of the world itself. Though it is not a typical illness, it is the malfunctioning of the body. The cells which do not have the ability to work or function like normal cells and lose control in the body and begin to spread are referred to as cancer cells. This call starts to grow massively and gets divided and makes a huge clump is referred to as a tumour. As the cells in the body are present everywhere, cancer can start to grow anywhere in the body. To know more about cancer manifestations talk to a specialist virtually today who are associated with Assurance. 


Some of the common cancers making rounds are lung cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. The common reasons for cancer are said to be Smoking, Drinking and a diet that is poor and these can produce the chemicals in the body that causes cancer which is also known as carcinogens. While most people often have a lot of common cancer myths and misconceptions that cancer can happen or spread in the body for various reasons. Google searches won’t help much when it comes to understanding complexities of cancer cells so why not reach out to a specialist today at Assurance. Maybe your knowledge can help you, or your loved one heal and trust the therapy. 

Some of the Common Cancer Myths and Misconceptions are:

Cancer is spreadable

Most people often think that cancer is contagious. But little did they know that this disease is contagious only inside the body among the cells and not in people. Cancer patients can look around with normal people and mingle with them. 

Cancer is caused in people who are from low socioeconomic background

Cancer is mostly caused by people who are addicted to smoking and drinking alcohol. Cancer does not go with the background. Cancer can also be seen in people who have developed a lot of obesity and have a pathetic and bad lifestyle.

Cancer is hereditary

Cancer is a multifactorial disease. It is not in the body because of heredity. In very few cases the disease is hereditary, which the doctors term as curable cancer.

Cancer patients should avoid the intake of sugar

Sugar = a lot of energy for the body.

It is said that cancer cells require a lot of energy to make their cells. Cancer cells use glucose in the body to boost their production. Hence it is assumed that since the cancer cells use glucose to make cells it is better to avoid sugar to decrease the growth of the cancer cells in the body. But, it is tested that cancer patients not consuming sugar do not seem to give cancer cells less glucose.

Cancer is caused by smoking mostly and less by chewing tobacco

Tobacco is carcinogenic. Any form of tobacco intake is very dangerous. Most cancers occur in people who do not smoke but chew tobacco. In India tobacco is consumed in the form of paan and gutka which is consumed by the people on a daily basis. Therefore tobacco is the more harmful cause of cancer than smoking is.

Cancer is associated with a lot of pain

Cancer is a tumour that is there in the body as a painless lump. So, the misconception of pain is completely wrong. The pain only occurs if there is an infection in that tumour, which happens at the advanced level. But during the starting age, it is painless.

Radiation therapy causes secondary Cancer

In modern radiation therapies, the levels of radiation are low and controlled. These therapies causing secondary cancer is a myth as the therapies have only a 1% chance of causing secondary cancer which is a very less percentage level.

Radiation treatment causes pain 

The radiation therapies are X-ray which is taken of the body. X rays do not cause pain. While these X rays can cause a few changes in the skin which looks like a burn or like it is heated up but is not actually true. It just mimics. So, this statement is completely a myth.

Cancer treatment goes on with a lot of hair loss

It is a misconception that the chemotherapies in cancer cause hair loss. Only a few highly advanced chemotherapies cause hair loss which is also regained after a period of 3 to 6 months when the chemotherapies stop. Sometimes the chemotherapy which is given to the brain causes hair loss but still, it regains the hair as the therapy stops.

Cancer leads to death

A lot of advanced techniques have come up like chemotherapies, radiation therapies and surgeries as well which makes it very tough for cancer patients to lose their life easily. Another set of therapies that cures a lot of cancer patients are immunotherapy and hormone therapy which is a lot in practice. The patients who have reached stage 4 cancer are the only ones who have very little chance to live their life.


So, these are the common cancer myths and misconceptions one should not believe in.

Cancer can be cured through a lot of medicines and treatments. There is no single medicine for each person, as each person is different from another person. Cancer in one person is completely different from cancer in the other person.


In order to prevent cancer, it is really very important to stop smoking and drinking and eat a healthy diet that is full of nutritional properties.


It is very important to consult a doctor if you find a lump or feel any kind of pain in the parts of the body and immediately undergo a Blood test which confirms whether the lump is cancerous or non-cancerous.


You can also find the disease risk of cancer through certain Screening tests like a biopsy, colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, Mammography etc, which shows the early stage of cancer even before the symptoms occur, where the cancer is treatable.


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