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Navigating Dengue: A Comprehensive Guide to At-Home Monitoring

Dengue fever, a mosquito-borne viral illness, is a growing concern in regions like India. Its symptoms often mimic those of other diseases such as malaria, influenza, Zika, chikungunya, measles, and yellow fever, making diagnosis a challenge. Moreover, dengue cases are on the rise.


In a similar vein to how we adapted to managing COVID-19 at home during the pandemic, we're introducing a home-based solution for dengue. NanoHealth presents the Dengue Home Monitoring Program, designed to empower you to take control of your health in the event of a dengue infection.

Understanding Dengue's Phases

Dengue fever manifests in three distinct phases:

1. The Febrile Phase

What to Expect: Symptoms typically include fever, a sore throat, a mild headache, and intense body aches ("break-bone fever"). It may also entail an itchy rash, reduced appetite, vomiting, diarrhoea, fatigue, and irritability.

2. The Critical Phase

Timing: The critical phase usually ensues 24 to 48 hours after the fever subsides.

Why It's Important: This phase demands extra vigilance as it coincides with a drop in blood platelet count.

3. The Road to Recovery

Signs of Improvement: Gradual restoration of appetite and decreased dehydration indicate recovery. During this phase, your condition progressively improves.

NanoHealth's Role in Home Monitoring

Our team of healthcare experts plays a pivotal role in ensuring your well-being when battling dengue at home. They contribute significantly to your recovery and overall health.


1. Constant Surveillance

 Our team conducts regular check-ins to detect subtle and obvious signs of dengue's impact on your health.


2. Assessing the Severity

We employ specialised tools and diagnostic tests to gauge the extent of your illness, particularly during the critical phase. This guides us in determining the most suitable level of care.


3. Frequent Laboratory Tests

We perform routine blood tests to monitor parameters like platelet count and other blood components. In addition, liver and kidney function tests are conducted to ensure your well-being.


4. Comprehensive Support

Coping with illness, especially one with potential complications, can be emotionally  challenging for both patients and their families. Our team provides emotional support, addresses concerns, and answers questions to alleviate anxiety and uncertainty.


5. Educational Insights and Communication

We educate patients about the various phases of dengue, symptoms to watch for, and provide clear communication for easy understanding.


6. Coordinated Care

We collaborate with specialists when necessary to ensure a well-rounded and coordinated approach to patient care.

NanoHealth's Intelligent Approach

What sets us apart is our data-driven methodology. We conduct bi-daily check-ins and employ algorithms to analyse the collected data. If any anomalies or warning signs are detected, we promptly inform you and facilitate timely intervention.


The majority of dengue cases can be effectively managed at home, mirroring the approach we adopted for COVID-19. NanoHealth's Dengue Home Monitoring Program combines cutting-edge tools with expert guidance to expedite your recovery. 


By enhancing your understanding of dengue and providing the right support, you can safeguard yourself and your loved ones from this disease while maintaining good health.

Skip the Hospital, Embrace NanoHealth’s Home Care for Dengue— Book the Dengue Home Monitoring Program today or call our health experts at +91 91004 44004 to know more!