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Every Women Should Know About Folic Acid

Folic acid is a synthetic vitamin B9. It contains folate, a natural vitamin B found in many foods. As your body cannot make folate, you can take it as a supplement. It is present in fortified food products like wheat flour, dried beans, broccoli, breakfast cereals, spinach, lentils, bread, oranges, etc.


The new cells in the body are produced and maintained with the help of folic acid. The changes in the DNA which might lead to cancer are also prevented by intaking folic acid. At the same time, folic acid supplements are used to treat certain anemia types caused by folic acid deficiency. 

Benefits of Folic Acid

The folic acid supplement has many benefits and is used for many reasons. Some of the folic acid tablets used are as follows:

Prevent pregnancy complications and congenital disabilities

Folic acid is essential for the growth and maturation of the fetus. The presence of folate levels is vital in the mother before and during pregnancy to lower the risk of neural tube defects. Folic acid improves brain functioning and neurodevelopment in children when they are pregnant. Apart from this, folic acid is also essential for the mother's healing. The pregnancy complications are reduced with the intake of folic acid.

It is also important to note that a high folic acid intake can harm neurodevelopment and have many side effects.


Adequate intake of folate by a person is essential for egg quality and implantation in the womb.  Consuming folate supplements has a high rate of live births in women undergoing reproductive treatment.

Treating the deficiency of folate

Inadequate diet intake, pregnancy, surgery, and alcoholism are the leading causes of folate deficiency.  Folate deficiency can have many serious side effects like congenital disabilities, anemia, weak immune functioning, depression, and mental disorders.  Folate supplements are therefore essential to treat the deficiency.

Reducing the risk of heart diseases

Folic acid supplements improve heart health, thereby reducing any heart disease risk.  It has also been studied that folic acid reduces high blood pressure reducing the risk of heart diseases, as blood pressure is the primary factor for heart problems.  Folic acid supplements also regulate proper blood flow, which improves cardiovascular functioning.

Treating mental health disorders

Low folate levels have been found in blood people suffering from depression. Folic supplements, when used along with antidepressant medications, can reduce depression.

Promoting brain health

Low folate levels in blood result in poor brain functioning and a high risk of dementia.  Folic acid supplements can improve brain health and also cure Alzheimer's disease.


Some other benefits of folic acid tablets include:


Folate supplements reduce diabetic complications and improve blood sugars in the body.  It also reduces insulin resistance and neuropathy in diabetic patients as these supplements enhance good cardiovascular functioning, which is good in diabetic patients.

Kidney disease

Hyperhomocysteinemia is an impaired kidney functioning that occurs in people with chronic kidney diseases.  Folic acid supplements reduce the hyperhomocysteinemia levels for proper kidney functioning.


Folic acid supplements reduce inflammation in women suffering from PCOS and children with neurological disorders.

Medicinal side effects

Specific medicinal usage for treating rheumatoid arthritis and some cancers cause side effects.  Taking folic acid supplements and such types of medicines reduces the side effects.


Apart from the benefits, there are a lot of factors for folic acid necessary for women.  So what does folic acid do for women?

  • Women who intake folic acid supplements before a month of pregnancy and continue it during the 1st trimester can prevent neural tube defects in babies.
  • Folic acid helps manufacture DNA for the formation of a baby's development.
  • Sexually active women at childbearing age should intake folic acid every day since they are more prone to an unplanned pregnancy.
  • Folic acid is also beneficial for diabetics, obesity or have high temperatures during pregnancies.
  • Intaking 0.4 mg/day of folic acid reduces the risk of heart diseases, certain types of cancers, and stroke in women.
  • It is also important to note that a high dosage of folic acid in women can complicate the deficiency of vitamin B12.  Therefore, women should be careful to take less than 1 mg of folic acid supplements per day unless prescribed by the doctor.

Please consult a doctor to confirm the dosage of folic acid as he might change the dosage to ensure the medicine gives you the best results. Cross-check with the doctor if you are prone to any allergies or side effects. The side effects may include:

  • Itching or skin redness
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Wheezing or breathing difficulty
  • Depression
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Stomach pain or gases
  • Swelling on face etc.

Check for lab tests if you suffer any severe side effects.


Pregnancy can be challenging. Though it is an exciting journey, pregnancy can also open the door to many complications. The most common issue of pregnancy is back pain or back spasms. Read on how to manage back spasms during pregnancy


The first apparent reason for pregnant women to get back pain or back spasm is weight gain.  The weight in the abdominal region tends to cause pain in the back. Back spasms are harmless But irritate pregnant women. Relaxation therapies or massage therapies are a great relief for women with back spasms. Stretches can also soothe back spasms but ensure not to over-stretch as it may cause more discomfort. Consult a doctor if the back spasms are frequent or very painful.


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