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The Importance of Discipline in Healthcare: A Success Story from Assurance by NanoHealth


At Assurance by NanoHealth, we understand that discipline is the foundation of success when it comes to health and wellness. That's why our healthcare team focuses on the needs of patients and users to ensure that they are actively involved in their own care and are adhering to practices that improve their health.


The Challenge:

In October, a 24-year-old female employee got an AHC (Annual health checkup) done at her office, wherein her diagnostic reports showed that she had elevated TSH levels. Our recommendation engine identified her at a higher risk and flagged the same, suggested the next step as doctor consultation and the doctor confirmed the disease and suggested a thyroid management program.


The Progress:

With her compliance and dedication to the program, the user saw a significant reduction in TSH levels, but her progress stalled when she became less disciplined in following the program.


The Need for Human Nudges:

Our healthcare team, including a doctor, dietician, and health coaches, are prompt in follow-ups and proactive in giving nudges to the user to get back on track, and help the user regain control of her health. With timely reminders from the health coaches, a right diet plan, and medication dose tailored to her condition, the user was able to bring her TSH levels under control with support from Assurance by NanoHealth’s healthcare team.


The Impact of Longitudinal Data Capture:

At Assurance by NanoHealth, we capture and analyze longitudinal health data to monitor users' progress over time, and to identify potential health risks before they become major health problems. Our personalized approach to disease management emphasizes early identification, diagnosis, and treatment initiation, along with timely follow-ups which is the mainstay in chronic disease which people miss out on.


The Importance of Discipline in Health:

This success story underscores the importance of discipline in health. Many times, we think we are capable enough to do things by ourselves, but we end up losing the drive and the motivation to continue. This is why you need experts periodically nudging you to keep you accountable so you can consistently show up for yourself and your health.


Assurance by NanoHealth's Approach to Healthcare:

Our services go beyond transactional health and focus on overall health improvement, making them convenient and effective for everyone. We offer end to end health and wellness services, including health risk assessment, diagnostic tests, teleconsultations, pharmacy delivery, vaccination, and more, all with a focus on long-term health management.


The healthcare team at Assurance by NanoHealth’s approach emphasizes the importance of longitudinal data capture, personalized disease management, and timely follow-ups. This success story underscores the need for experts periodically nudging patients to keep them accountable, ensuring they show up for their health consistently.