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Importance Of Endorphins



Importance Of Endorphins

Endorphins are also called happy hormones. Endorphins are primarily used in the body to reduce the pain and stress that one undergoes.


Similarly, when your body produces fewer endorphins in the body, you feel depressed and stressed. You may also feel anxiety, impulsive behaviour, and moodiness. Consult a doctor at Assurance and get the best consultation.


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Endorphins are actually natural chemicals present in the body which help a person fight pain. They are called the natural pain killers of the body. 


Endorphins are released in the body when a person is hurt or emotionally sad. They are also released in the body while exercising or when a person laughs, when they have sex, eat good food or chocolates, drink wine, get oneself massaged, or even during exercise and meditation. Basically, Endorphins are the chemicals released when a person feels any kind of feeling. Endorphins release the communication of pain signals to the brain. 


Endorphin is divided as endo and orphan, where endo means endogenous and orphan means morphine. Further, endogenous is meant as a thing which originated from itself, and morphine is meant as a substance that is used to kill the pain. 


Polypeptides called endorphins in the body are produced by the pituitary glands and the central nervous system. 


There are four types of endorphins that are produced in the body and these are mixed up with the opioid receptors located in the brain! A lot of pain killer medicines and drugs perform a similar action in the body. The only difference is that the blood is cleared very fast and easily when a drug or a medication is taken, whereas this doesn’t happen with natural endorphins that are released in the body.


Some of the major reasons to show the Importance of Endorphins are mentioned as follows:

Reduces pain

The pain in the body, which originates from any part of the body, may it be hands, legs, stomach, head, tooth, or whatsoever is reduced by Endorphins. The pain receptors which are stimulated in the brain are blocked by the Endorphins, thereby reducing the feeling of sensation of pain in any part of the body. Endorphins have equal effect in all parts of the body, no matter where the pain originated from.

Helps in time of surgery and trauma

The surgery or trauma patients undergo a lot of pain which is unbearable to them. The release of Endorphins helps the patient with reducing pain and stress.

Deflects depression and anxiety

Endorphins are often considered the best of all-natural antidepressants. If the neurotransmitters of the brain are affected by improper functioning, it causes depression in the body. Since Endorphins have a huge impact on a person’s behaviour or moods, it helps avoid depression and anxiety.

Normalizes Blood pressure

Blood pressure loses its control when a person is stressed. Endorphins stabilize the functions of the nervous system and endocrine system, which control blood pressure in the body, therefore normalizing the blood pressure.

Strengthens the Immune system

By activating certain killer cells, Endorphins can stimulate the immune system naturally, which helps in killing the cancerous cells, infections, diseases and will also help to postpone ageing. This enhances the immune system’s functions.

Uplifts self-esteem

Emotional factors like pride, despair, and shame are the measures of a person’s self-esteem. Endorphins are released and uplift and boost confidence.

Improves the mood

When people listen to music, eat chocolate, eat spicy foods, watch movies or perform any joyous activity which makes them feel happy, it is just because of the release of Endorphins in the body. This makes them feel better and improves and uplifts the mood.

Feels physically active

When the body is stressed out beyond its limit, it releases Endorphins. This relaxes the body and boosts physical activeness. This type of phenomenon can often be seen in athletes, runners, bodybuilders, and weight lifters.

Better sleep

Endorphins help us sleep better! Yes, they act like natural relaxing substances and work on improving our quality of sleep. 

It makes you fit and healthy

Endorphins tend a person to be physically active and take healthy diet and healthy habits. This naturally makes a person physically fit and healthy.


Looking closely at the importance of Endorphins in the body show us that they regulate our wellbeing and the emotional aspect of our moods. 


When you have too many endorphins produced in the body, you feel very little pain in the body, and the body starts the sense of euphoria. It also releases sex hormones or changes in the immune system. You can also suffer from some side effects of stress.


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