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Omicron Covid Variant - Know More About The New Mutation

The pandemic alarm rings in again with the new variant found in South Africa, called Omicron. Research is still ongoing regarding the Covid Omicron Covid variant. The researches show that this Omicron could be the most infectious one among all the Covid viruses so far. It is also being said that the present vaccinations may not work for this new mutation of the virus. Countries worldwide have shut all the air travel from South Africa to stop the spread of the virus.


The difference or the mutations in the SARS-COV-2 acquire in the spike protein. The spike protein is present outside the virus, which helps the variant to enter our body cells which starts to show the symptoms once it is entered in the body.


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The question arises as to why does the virus acquire mutations? Well, because mutations are random as they cannot be controlled. It can multiply very quickly and for those people who are not vaccinated whose immune system is not primed the symptoms might occur very fast. 


The lungs in our body are surrounded by cells called ACE2 receptors. The virus of Covid has raised spikes on their cell called spike proteins. When these spike proteins come in contact with the ACE2 receptors, it causes infection. 


Previously the antibodies that were given to people in the form of vaccination, killed the virus because the antibodies were of that kind of virus. But now, the same receptors are incapable of causing an infection in the body due to the virus present, receiving some new modification which becomes a new variant. This is the only reason for the formation of all the Covid variants alpha, beta, delta, and now the Covid Omicron.


The delta variant was the very dominant form of variant which was highly transmissible than the previous forms of variants. Whereas, the beta variant was not that transmissible like that of the delta but was dangerous because the vaccines provided were not that effective against the beta variant. The beta variant caused repeated infections in the body because the mutations present in the beta variant were resistant to the vaccine. Similar changes were found in the Omicron variant as it contains 50 mutations in total, more than any other variant. Most of the mutations are held in the spike proteins. It is being said that the vaccines are not effective against the Covid Omicron Covid variant because of its huge mutations. 


The World Health Organisation has declared Covid Omicrone Covid Variant as the variant of concern due to its strong transmissibility. The concerning factor is marked due to the three reasons, one as the number of mutations, as to see whether the virus is resistant to the vaccine. Secondly, being a type of mutation, to see whether the virus is more transmissible than the previous variants. Thirdly, the speed of the virus being spread to see whether it makes people sick when they come into contact with the virus.


The vaccinations made are to target the spike proteins and kill them before they connect the ACE2 receptors. But in the Covid Omicron Covid Variant, there are 50 changes or mutations, thus making the present vaccines difficult to destroy the virus. Research is yet to be completed since it is just a few days until the Omicron variant has come.


In people with weak immune systems, mutations are likely to arise more and will take a lot of time to clear the virus, giving the virus more time to mutate. This goes with the unvaccinated people too. The only reason that might be for the virus to occur in South Africa, due to its low rate of vaccination, of only 35% of the total people getting vaccinated.


The vaccinations that are made, recognize the spike proteins and destroy them, thereby increasing the cell count of the immune system. But, when the Omicron mutation changes its spike proteins, as it contains 50 mutations, then our immune system cells cannot recognize it, then it may mean an escape to the variant.


Although it is very early to depict all of the reasons. Researches are being made to a huge extent to stop the spread of the virus.

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All you can do in the present scenario is to stay indoors, use masks while going out, use sanitizers, and follow all the other Covid protocols. 


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