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Post Delivery Care for Mother and Baby



Post Delivery Care for Mother and Baby

Giving birth isn't an easy thing. But, caring for yourself after the delivery is the bigger task. The future health of the new mother and the baby depends on the post-delivery care taken.


Many new mothers may have someone to take care of themselves, while a few of them will have to cope with the situation all alone. Post-delivery care is not tough, but caring for yourself the right way is very important. The body and the mind will need proper care to deal with the childbirth experience.


We have come up with a few ways to take proper care of yourself post-delivery.

Getting proper rest

Resting as much as you can is important as you have just come out of the childbirth experience, which took up a lot of your energy and pain. Your body needs both physical and mental peace. Taking rest and sleep will help you heal a bit faster. Your crying baby will not let you take a good sleep, and it is best to sleep whenever your baby sleeps.

Eating healthy

For your healing process the diet you intake post-delivery is very important. It is best to eat good nutritious, healthy food to regain the lost strength. Adding a large portion of proteins, green vegetables, fruits, and grains to your diet can make a healthy choice. It is also important to eat a lot of dairy products for your milk supply to complete the baby's nursing needs. But, it is best to look out for low-fat dairy products to get the proper calcium.

Walking a bit

Taking one step from day to day for the progression is vital. Doctors nowadays recommend starting walking post-delivery for quick recovery and to keep your muscles moving. But be careful to not exert much while walking. Rest if you are unable to walk.

Intaking lot of water

Post-delivery comes with constipation. To overcome constipation and for the proper functioning of the digestive system, it is very important to drink a lot of water. It is also important for your baby as you will be breastfeeding the child and no proper intake of water alters the milk supply.

Hold back sexual activities

Getting into sexual activities pressurizes your body, and your condition might get worse. Your body needs rest. It is best to refrain from any such action as much time as possible to heal yourself properly. 

Sitz bath

Sitz bath is getting yourself seated in a few inches of warm water to give some comfort to your vaginal pain. It also helps to reduce crampings happening in new mothers. Taking a sitz bath makes you feel calm and good.

Take some help

Post-delivery things will be difficult to handle. You will need someone to help you with a lot of things. Not asking for help might pressure you, affecting your mental health. Get some help with household chores until you regain the strength to do it yourself.


Consult a doctor at regular appointment times. Do not skip any appointment due to laziness or lack of time. Post-delivery, your body still needs supervision to get back your healthy body. Doctors assist you and guide you through these tough times. Ensure to visit the doctor at timely intervals and get yourself Screening tests done.


A new mother undergoes many difficulties post-delivery; therefore, care for the mother after delivery is very important. The delivery, crying baby, nursing the baby, etc., makes the new mother fuss. She might have several mental problems and may feel depression, irritability, anxiety, mood swings, and whatnot. 


Apart from so many mental problems, a new mother goes through many physical issues. Some not to exert much of them are body aches, cramping, constipation, breast soreness, insomnia, and menstrual difficulties. A new mother goes a lot, and after delivery, care for the mother is vital.

Importance of Post Delivery Care

Most people do not know the importance of post-delivery care and take things very lightly, which may cause many health issues to the mother. Getting the best postpartum care protects both the baby and the mother from various risk factors.


The post-delivery care period is generally the first six months of childbirth. The mother and baby are vulnerable. Monitoring the mother's stitches and taking proper care of them until its perfectly healed all come under post-delivery supervision.


Apart from physical care, a mother needs internal and mental care too. Keep in mind not to exert much, and keep an eye on the health complications of the body like body aches, cramping, constipation, and mentally uplifting the mother's mood is very important for post-delivery care. The mother might feel depressed, have low confidence, and have anxiety attacks. Post-delivery care protects the mother from all health problems and keeps the mother and baby safe.

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