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Underweight? Know Your Health Risks



Underweight? Know Your Health Risks

People have always talked about the risks of being overweight, but go unnoticed by the risks of going underweight. Let’s have a glance at the underweight health risks.


An underweight person goes through as many health issues as an overweight person can go into. An underweight person might not get proper nutrients to grow healthy bones, skin, and hair and this may lead any individual to underweight health risks.

When does a person be described as underweight?

To understand whether a person is underweight, overweight, or at a normal and healthy weight, the BMI (Body Mass Index) of a person or any individual is calculated. The BMI of a person is calculated based on the person’s height and weight measures.

Underweight Health Risks 

Being Underweight can cause many health problems. Underweight side effects or health risks are not experienced by all underweight people However, some people experience a lot of symptoms of being underweight.

Some of the underweight health risks include:


An underweight person, mostly women, has an increased risk of osteoporosis where the bones become brittle and tend to break.

Skin, hair, or teeth problems

An individual person who doesn't get enough nutrients in their diet can have physical weakening symptoms like thinning skin, hair loss, dry skin, or poor dental health.

Getting sick frequently

If a person who is underweight doesn't get enough energy in their diet, they are prone to get infections in their body which makes them sick again and again. And they may suffer illness which lasts longer in the period.

Feeling Tired

Certain foods provide Calories, which can be taken by the person. A person who does not intake calories cannot keep up the healthy weight and can feel fatigued. Not getting enough calories to keep up a healthy weight can make an individual feel fatigued. 


An underweight person is more likely to possess less blood count than the standard blood count and a person may feel dizzy, headache, and tired.

Irregular periods

Underweight women often tend to possess irregular periods, or sometimes even menstruation stops. This forms an irregular period in the adolescent person. Irregular periods are the main cause of infertility.

Premature Births

A pregnant woman who is underweight is at a higher risk of pre-term labour as underweight women might not get enough nutrients the baby may need. Hence leading to premature births.

Slow Growth

The Younger generation needs nutrients to develop healthy bones to avoid slow growth. Being underweight can stop the correct growth of the person and the person may not develop as expected. Being underweight has an increased risk for mortality compared to people with a mean BMI.


Sometimes there are a range of other reasons why an individual may be underweight.

Causes of being underweight include.

Family History

Some people are underweight due to the physical characteristics that run in the family. 

High Metabolism

If an individual contains a high metabolism, they do not gain a good amount of weight even after eating lots of food. 

Physical Illness or Chronic Disease

Some people who suffer diseases like cancer, diabetes, thyroid disorders cause regular nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, suffer difficulty in gaining weight. Some other chronic illnesses may cause the person not to feel like eating. 

Mental Illness

The psychological state of a person can affect a person’s ability to eat.. These conditions can affect an individual’s appearance and appetite. 


Consulting a doctor through Assurance can help an individual identify the reason behind their underweight problems and can suggest a treatment plan that enables them to gain weight.

Various healthful weight gain methods are often tried.

How can Assurance help me?

Assurance by NanoHealth provides Disease Management Programs, which can help individuals in various prospects.

Why us? Our Al-driven initiative helps timely identification, diagnosis, and treatment by pairing you with the proper care providers.

At Assurance, you'll talk over with a dietitian who may recommend an individual tries a particular diet for weight gain. He can also facilitate you with a particular diet plan that works.


Join in the Disease Management Program by Assurance and gain weight the healthy way by consulting the best dieticians all over India. Our specialties include Dietetics & Nutrition, which gives you proper diet regulations for weight gain.

Our disease care management programs include:

  • Regular interaction together with your health coach for treatment adherence.
  • Periodic doctor consultation to make sure effective treatment.
  • Routine blood tests to trace the progress and improvements.

At Assurance, Our unique approach to disease management goes with Screening tests, to help you with the progression of the disease in the future. Click on the website and take a screening test on the website and understand the symptoms carefully.


Book an appointment with healthcare specialists from anywhere & anytime today to get carefully assessed and Accurated disease management plans to headstart your healthy lifestyle.

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Manish Ranjan