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What does the Elder Care package include?

Elder Care package provides trained caretakers, Nurses 24x7, Diagnostic home sample collection, and Doctor, Health coach and Dietitian video consultations.

What is the Blood Urea test?

Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) test is done to assess the kidney functioning. It measures the amount of nitrogen in the blood that comes from waste product urea which is formed during breakdown of protein.

What is Complete Urine Examination?

Urinalysis is a group of several physical, biochemical and microscopic test. It measures presence of several byproducts like sugar, protein, pus cells, etc. It is an important test to screen, diagnose and monitor few diseases conditions.

What benefits can I get with Elder care Package?

1.Daily flow- it is an application where the dependants of the elder can track the activity of the caretaker.
2.Qualified caretakers and Trained nurses will be provided.
3.Doctors will be sent if needed.