Hypertension management program

HYPERTENSION is for people with high blood pressure. High Blood pressure typically does not cause symptoms but the complications are more usually caused by lifestyle and genetic factors.

Renal Function Tests Home-Visit 1
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Doctor - Internal Medicine Video-Consultation 1
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Health Coach Video-Consultation 3
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Max Duration 100 Days
Faqicon Frequently Asked Questions's

What does the heartcare health package include?

It includes a hypertension management program and a cholesterol management program,

What is Liver Function Test?

Liver function tests are done to assess liver functioning. It includes various tests like liver enzymes(SGOT, SGPT, GGT), protein (albumin, globulin), and bilirubin levels. it is important to monitor liver functions as it is the seat of detoxification.

What does it mean to have high Total Cholesterol?

Total cholesterol indicates the total amount of cholesterol in your blood. When this is high, it increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, atherosclerosis, stroke. Hence it is very important to keep your cholesterol values within the normal range.

What is included in the Lipid Profile test?

Lipid profile test includes Total Cholesterol, low-density lipids (LDL), high-density lipid(HDL), triglycerides, very low density lipids (VLDL), etc.

What benefits can I get with Heart Care Package?

In heart care package, lipid profile tests and liver function tests will be done periodically and monitored through our specialist doctors, dietitian and health coaches.